that's a wrap, 2013!

It seems only fitting that I would end 2013 with the muse I chose at the very end of 2012.

I first shot Emily strutting down the runway for David Peck at the very end of 2012. I knew I wanted a chance to work with her in studio right away. Sadly, things did not come together. Her fortune in modeling grew, and she began traveling the globe. Finally, at the end of this year, she joined us for a visit, and I had a chance to capture her porcelain features in the studio. It was a small impromptu beauty shoot, but I was happy to finally get to work with her. I love how things can come full circle!

I learned a lot this year. Many of those lessons were not easy. I believe I've grown as a photographer, and as a person. I look forward to much more growth in 2014, and wish a prosperous new year to you all as well!

Vara PappasComment